I’m always thinking about expansion and creating a thriving business.  As Tony Robbins talks about in his article, often it’s not about massive changes, but smaller changes and improvements that can make a huge difference.


Maximization and Optimization

Think and act like a champion!


You’ve heard this before, but put together a plan of attack.  Study the competition and figure out what they are doing right and wrong.  Become a subject matter expert in your field and always think positive.  Believe and feel that you are winning all the time.

Execute and Adapt

Don’t get caught up in the noise of the daily business routine.  There will always be “noise” around you.  Emails, phone calls, reports, and different distractions that won’t affect the bottom line.  As a revenue generator remember to focus on the most important things first and keep them top of mind.  The next deal to close, the next action to take that can get a customer meeting, any action that will foster, in the end, a project that can bring revenue to you and your company.

Re-evaluate and use metrics

If you won, take a look at all the factors and then try to replicate that success elsewhere.  If you lost, then how did you lose and how can you avoid the pains of those cycles so you don’t spend time on a losing game in the future.  Remember the key decisions and steps that lead to either your success or failure.  And remember to focus not only on your strengths, but also your weaknesses so you can figure out how to make yourself stronger, more effective, and working towards being the champion you are.

A positive, powerful, and productive work environment

Align yourself with great partners and people in order to create efficiencies and increase innovation.  If you don’t have an innovative and progressive approach, especially in Information Technology, and if you aren’t flexible enough to adapt and evolve, you will probably have a hard time experiencing success.

Keep at it!

Tony Bilby