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Why people buy!

Why do potential decision makers buy! I get so wrapped up in the technology that I often forget basic sales strategies and techniques.  Most of the time it’s not about knowing everything that your technology does, but rather, how your potential client thinks and what’s going to motivate them to purchase. Three things according to […]

Critical IT business factors for Managers!

A potential customer of mine cited an article that discusses relevant IT basics for business managers. I believe her points are very relevant: In Mary Shacklett’s article she talks about 10 IT basics: Defining a business case for a new application: Certainly there are many technologies designed to provide Big Data Analytics, but in […]

Selling Value – Not Lowest Price

  I’ve always said that if you’re selling on price you’re not selling.  Robots can sell based on lowest price, but if you’re a great salesperson, and a world class champion, you figure out a way to sell the best product and service possible without sacrificing profits. Brian Tracy talks about this in his blog […]

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