Given the fact that my background is German/Austrian, I’m naturally a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Unlike so many of the charlatans out there today that claim they are self made, Arnold is self made. As an immigrant he came to this county from war torn Austria and made his way.  Much like my German mother who came to America from war torn Germany at nineteen, worked her way towards a doctorate in English, eventually retiring as a school principal.

“Ignore the naysayers.  You’ll find the naysayers every turn you make.  Break some of the rules, not the law, and never be afraid of failure.  Never give up and never be afraid of failure. When you are out there partying and hoarsing around someone out there at the same time is working hard, getting smarter, and winning!  There is no way around hard hard work.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Love this guy.  What a testament to hard work and never giving up.

Arnold’s five rules:

  1.  Find your vision and follow it.  If you don’t have a vision or set of goals then you will never set a course, you will never achieve, you never succeed.  Imagine having a powerful racing boat but never being able to start the engines, set a course, and work towards a destination?  The boat would end up as a derelict somewhere. What are your goals? Set them now.
  1.  Never think small.  Think big! Always believe you will be at the top at whatever you are trying to do.
  1.  Ignore the naysayers.  The closer you get to success the more they will come out of the woodwork.
  1.  Work your ass off.  I started my first job when I was thirteen years old.  It was a summer hire program where we earned below minimum wage.  After that, every year I was working. I’ve worked at technology data-centers, food courts, drug stores, restaurants, door-to-door, and then after working and paying my way through college into corporate America and entrepreneurship.  Work hard and don’t give up. Once you have focus and a goal, work towards it.
  1.  Make sure to give back.  If you can see beyond that mirror that is yourself you will witness the millions of others that need your help.  Don’t just take, give back.  I have done some myself, but it’s never enough.

Tony Bilby