Tony Bilby Principal, VegaTech Commercial Group

Tony Bilby
Principal, VegaTech Commercial Group

Tony Bilby is a Principal and Co-Founder at VegaTech Commercial Group, a premier California consultancy bringing innovative technology solutions to the commercial sector. With over twenty years of experience working in IT Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, the genesis behind Vegatech Commercial is to bring the best consultants to market focusing on cutting edge technologies and IT startup companies.

As an entrepreneur, Tony is passionate about the potential for IT to transform a business by leveraging technology platforms and services to increase efficiencies within the enterprise. The IT industry evolves rapidly. It is predicted, in fact, that the next five years will bring the most radical and rapid change seen yet.  With rapid adoption of public, private, and hybrid cloud, VegaTech continues to evolve and bring new technologies and services to market.

Tony Bilby and VegaTech bring agility and the ability to provide disruptive and transformative technologies ahead of the competition and industry incumbents. His strategic relationships with the most innovative blend of IT companies bring a better user experience, decrease costs, increase productivity, and enhance security. Once adopted, these systems are designed to be easily scalable and adaptable based on business growth and changes.

Tony Bilby, with his twenty years of experience, possesses a thorough understanding of how far  technology has come, how it functions, and how it can be used to achieve business goals. Tony enjoys teaching and educating clients about technology and its capabilities, processes, and methodologies. His experience spans many different IT verticals including enterprise software, networking, cyber security, datacenter infrastructures, and cloud computing.

Prior to founding VegaTech Commercial Group, Tony worked as an Information Technology Consultant for blue chip companies like Xerox and IBM, creating and expanding multi-million dollar territories. Tony is well-versed in core sales methodologies involving prospecting, networking, identifying, qualifying, cultivating, as well as leveraging and developing strategic relationships.

Education and Skill

Tony holds a double major in Psychology and Communications, multiple technology certifications around networking, security, compute, storage, and six sigma methodologies. He is also bilingual in English and German.