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I can appreciate learning from the masters like Brian Tracy and others because as Tracy says “pioneers are those people face down in the ground with arrows in their back.” In other words, there’s nothing wrong with being creative and taking a creative approach towards the things you do, but in the end, success does “leave trails” and you do have to follow them.

The foundation of whatever you are trying to create begins with a formula involving qualities that he discusses in his article:

“5 entrepreneur qualities of successful people”


and I believe these qualities ring true for most.

Enjoying the success concept.


Self Discipline

Drive and ideas are important, but you have to have the self-discipline that once you start the activities based on your ideas and drive that you have an organized approach and discipline enough to structure your plan and continue to move forward with the plan. That means getting up early in the morning and motivating yourself to do what you need to do without having a boss or manager telling you to do it.


It’s important to do business with a handshake and keep your word. If your business is based on customer service then it’s important that the customer never loses faith that you are the most moral and ethical person in business.  Don’t over-promise and under-deliver.  Don’t tell the customer you can do something and then not follow through.  Do be transparent in your business practices and make sure that whatever business or service you are providing remains within the parameters of fair and reasonable. In other words, if your profit margins are far off compared to industry best practices you might want to make sure you are staying within the lines of best integrity.


Brian Tracy talks about persistence quite a bit. I don’t think you can be successful without it.  Once you put together your plan of action you’ve got to follow through during the beginning and through some of the worst days.  And those worst days, those challenging days, can be plentiful, especially in the beginning.  The first few years of starting a business, building a pipeline, developing a customer base can be daunting and very challenging.  It’s important to stay the course knowing that in the end you will eventually succeed.

Clear Sense of Direction

This is very important. You have to be goal oriented and almost envision where you are going to be a year, two, three, four, and five years from now. Make sure that whatever plan you put together you are building for the future. Make sure that your plan is sustainable, that others have walked a similar path, and it has led to true success.

Decisive and Action Oriented

Successful people move quickly with ideas that make sense and ones that potentially work. Most people talk, but don’t do. There’s nothing worse than a great business idea that never gets acted upon. Also, when faced with options, a good business owner will evaluate all potential options, outcomes, but then choose one and move forward with it.

Tony Bilby