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One of the hardest things I struggle with, even today as a middle-aged businessman that has been in the business for over twenty years, is negative thoughts or negative emotions. Given my German background of cynicism, or what my mother simply calls realism or a realistic view on a life that must involve a good deal of struggle and suffering, it has been challenging for me to embrace a positive focus all the time. According to Jairek Robbins in his blog “how to change negative thoughts”

we have over 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of those thoughts are negative! He talks about building your optimism muscle. And, if you can, it’s important to do so. Remember, the more positive and better feeling you are in general, the more positive you project and the more positive you attract. In business, you want to attract clients and money. So, certainly it’s just logical to move away from a pessimistic view, as Jairek mentions, which is the view that everything will turn out badly and continue to be bad. If you are in business or sales you are going to attract what you are thinking about all the time.

In fact, Jairek goes on to talk about three specific areas of focus of explanation:




Within those areas reside either an optimistic or pessimistic ideology. So, how do you shift everything over to a positive mindset? Well, he suggests a number of ways: through exercise, a daily gratitude ritual, practicing random acts of kindness, and then journaling along with meditation.

I personally can attest that I once made it a habit for thirty days to wake up every morning giving thanks, living in appreciation, practicing positive visualization and gratitude techniques, and meditating on what I wanted. I did, at the time, see big positive changes in my life.

As we move through our daily routines, it’s important to set aside some time every day to practice some of the techniques talked about, even if it’s only for a few minutes. And I’m going to start personally, today, on my mindset shift to the positive.

Does anyone want to join me?

Tony Bilby