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Celebrity rules for success!

Given the fact that my background is German/Austrian, I’m naturally a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Unlike so many of the charlatans out there today that claim they are self made, Arnold is self made. As an immigrant he came to this county from war torn Austria and made his way.  Much like my German mother […]

Why people buy!

Why do potential decision makers buy! I get so wrapped up in the technology that I often forget basic sales strategies and techniques.  Most of the time it’s not about knowing everything that your technology does, but rather, how your potential client thinks and what’s going to motivate them to purchase. Three things according to […]

Salespeople bad traits

As a salesperson and a former manager I’ve seen many different personalities come and go throughout my tenure.  I think Adam Honig sums it up pretty nicely in his article: People that take everything personally:  Sales is an emotional drain, especially if the product or service isn’t the best or has become commoditized.  An […]

Critical IT business factors for Managers!

A potential customer of mine cited an article that discusses relevant IT basics for business managers. I believe her points are very relevant: In Mary Shacklett’s article she talks about 10 IT basics: Defining a business case for a new application: Certainly there are many technologies designed to provide Big Data Analytics, but in […]

FlashPoint – Building explosive growth.

I’m always thinking about expansion and creating a thriving business.  As Tony Robbins talks about in his article, often it’s not about massive changes, but smaller changes and improvements that can make a huge difference. Maximization and Optimization Think and act like a champion! You’ve heard this before, but put together a plan of […]

Owning Your Business – Important Tips!

Oprah’s net worth is $2.7 billion and as an entrepreneur she’s earned an impressive annual salary of $290 million – enough said – let’s listen to her advice. Be True To Yourself: Exactly right. Oprah talks about her childhood giving examples of how she was almost born a talk show host. Similarly, embrace your […]

Important Questions You Should Ask Your Customers

I am frequently looking for new ways and strategies to talk to prospects and customers when meeting with them in person, talking on the phone, or prospecting a new client. Face time and phone time are the most golden and precious moments that a salesperson has as we often spend our days wondering how to […]

How to lock in the hardest-to-get meetings!

Stu Heinecke’s article in Harvard Business Review provides great strategies for landing the most difficult meetings. I struggle with setting effective meetings weekly, but I keep at it because I know that you “only need a few dozen of the right high-level relationships to change the scale of your business.” As a sales consultant […]

Crank Up The Optimism Muscle!

Crank Up and Build a Great Mindset One of the hardest things I struggle with, even today as a middle-aged businessman that has been in the business for over twenty years, is negative thoughts or negative emotions. Given my German background of cynicism, or what my mother simply calls realism or a realistic view on […]

Boring sales presentations – be done with them!

I give PowerPoint presentations all the time when I introduce my company, my technologies, and my vendor partnerships. I try to learn and deliver different approaches and strategies for not boring my customer to death. I like Jill Konrath’s blog: “Kiss Your Boring Sales Presentation Goodbye – And Do This Instead” Right away she […]

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